Aware Sequence Found Life DJ Feedback

[a]pendics.shuffle “Aware Sequence Found Life”  [Adjunct 28 / 29]  DJ Feedback

Jonny Cruz / No. 19, My Favorite Robot, Toys for Boys, Vakant, Geno  – That’s a gentleman ass LP. bravo all the tracks are top top top.
Benna Schneider / Harry Klein  – great album, like it a lot
Nikola Baytala / Tweekin Records, Large, Pets Recordings, Utensil Records  – [a]pendics.shuffle delivers a full quality LP for Adjunct Audio … fav cut for the floor “Sunburned Tears”
Paul Brcic / Broque, Leena Music, Music Man Records, Ostgut Ton – brilliant soundscapes…lovin it!
Miro Pajic / Lazerslut  – excellent work kenneth!
Broxgaard / Kolon:Trax / TIc Tac Toe Records  – Overall a great album by Kenneth JG, dj wise seen I’m mostly into Sunburned Tears and A Wave plus the opening and ending intros. Great work!
HIKE aka Heike Reich / Bayerischer Rundfunk – very nice, from first listening on i like a lot of tracks. thank you
Sean-Michel Yoder /, Big Shot Magazine,  – Album of the year right here.
Harry Ruffner / NOICE!  – been hearing about this Album for weeks.. quite the buzz…. nice work from a master producer.
Speaking Minds / AEON, My Favorite Robot Records  – definitely a great Album! can’t pick a fav, super work here! thanks
Paul Clarke / DJ Mag, RA – Definitely prefer him when he’s doing jazzier and deeper stuff like some of this than his earlier more minimal vibes…..
Noah Pred / Thoughtless, Biotop, Highgrade  – New [a]pendics.shuffle full-length? You’re making my day over here..!
Douglas Fugazi / Medellinstyle  – Lovely release guys. Powerful and sounds really super cool. Thanks!!!
Brother’s Vibe / Recovery Tech, SOM Underground, Kittball, Moon Harbour  – Great release – Thanks for the music!
Patrick Blinkhorn / Blisspop  – Sunburned Tears has a good, eerie vibe.Touching Space is good. Building Ships is my top pick.
Laurent Diouf / MCD magazine, WTM radio show, Wreck This Mess Radio Show  – another wtm’s playlist is coming soon…;)
Jorge Savoretti / Raw Rootz Recordings  – lovin’ some trax here! especially the weird ones
Gemini Brothers / Nang Records,Nein Records, Homebreakin Records, Bearfunk, Silhouettemusic  – damn…sunburned tears is simply amazing! bravo!!! but…can’t even choose which one is the best!
Tony Kasper / (BLACK NATION RECORDS, CHICAGO JAXXX, PACKED MUSIC)  – Eclectic and ideal album sequence. Well done. Touching Space is my fave, love the progression, vocals and chords. Cosmic Translations is far out, man. Thanks!
Cannibal Ink / Emerald & Doreen Records, Nein Records, Rotten City Records  – Touching Space for us. great LP
Riyaz Khan / CHRY 105.5FM  – intricate and nuanced sounds – fave is the pulsating number Cosmic Translations !
Will Kinsella / Hybrasil / Rekids, Loose Records, Bush Records  – Some amazing track’s on here, full support. Thanks!
Stefan Wagner / Radio Z – Tiefton & Headz  – like the producer, solid work, radio play!
Michal Poncar /  – Mmmm, amazing atmosphere and original production. “Cosmic Translations” is da best, we will be play @ our radio show Fluffy Clouds this sunday. I can´t wait! Big Up! & cheeers from Prague!
Klovn / Phil, Stella Polaris Music, Team Records  – Cosmic Translations for me thanks..
Andrew Grant (Circo Loco)  – Nowhere’s Somewhere is solid…. will play
Slam / Soma Records  – nice grooves thanks
DJ Hyperactive / 4 Track Records  – Cosmic Translations my fav here…! Killer tune.
Roderich Fabian / Bayrischer Rundfunk – resurrection shuffle
Martin Böttcher /, Deutschland Radio, Tagesspiegel  – good!
Patrick Zigon / Biotop Label  – great album!
Kristian Hatton / Cyclic Defrost, Haarp Media – great!
Tim Thaler / BLN.FM – super!
Danny Tenaglia / Twisted America Records  – Thanks!
Duke Shin / Freelance / Freakeasy, Bad Advice, Dark + Deep  – Soundscapes and mood aplenty, good rhythms to propel, too.
Luciano Esse / Safari Electronique, Out-Er, Leftroom, Material Series  – Dark Outlines and Pass Through are my picks!
Tim Green / Dirtybird, Cocoon Recordings, Get Physical Music, Disc Over Music  – Lovely sounding tracks. Think there is several in here I’m feeling! will try them out :)
Luis Rozalen / Clubbing Spain, BeatBurger  – Great album
Ignacio Cantisano / Ignacio Cantisano  – Great sound. Thanks
Andras Toth / Spectrum Radio Show  – Sunburned Tears and A Wave are my favs!
Nacho /  – Great stuff !!!! Thanks !!!
Giancarlo Lanza (D.A.T.A.) / Monique Musique, Titbit Music, Upstruct  – cool stuff
Jamie Stevens / Bedrock, Chameleon Records, Get Physical Music, Sudbeat  – Building ships stands out to me.
Werner Niedermeier / Ayeko, Rue De Plaisance, Turquoise Blue, Broque  – some cool tunes. will play
Christian Schmidt / Subculture  – superb 😉
LaurentN. / Atavisme, House Nation Radio  – Nice sounds & stuff !!! Will play & SUPPORT !!!
Anton Banks / The Vault Radio Show  – I like Being You. Will try some of the others. Thanks.
Stephen Worthy / Mojo, Mixmag, The Guardian, Resident Advisor  – Like Cosmic Translations’ stray into tech-psych-jazz territory…
Nick Clarke / Eggworm  – whole release was cool!
Andrej Imamovic / Osciliator Radio Show  – New apendics always deserves attention.
Marko Nastic / Argumento, Collective Music, Atonal, Bondage  – support!
Andre Kronert / ODD EVEN / Mosaic / Stockholm LTD  – not hard enough for me but i love the “dark outlines” and “pass through” here and will defo use as intro.
DJ Javimar / DJ Mag Spain  – Really good. thanks
Marcos in Dub / Monofunk, Highgrade, Vibe me  – Good tracks!, thanks for the music!!
Signal Deluxe / Blaq Records / Pantamuzik  – One of our favorite producers ever!! thanks!
Itzone / Zonativa  – will play Dark Outlines
Bruno Sacco / Gravite, Catalytic  – Interesting sounds !
Breiten / Rheinrhythmik  – Cool music, but not for me, thank you for sending!
Jon Dale / Uncut, RBMA, Fact  – Sounding good
Calin Marian / Deep & Deeper Radio Show / Tunnel FM  – Cool package guys!
Billy Johnston / Sleaze, E.C.I., Tic Tac Toe, BN  – This is really amazing afterhours & day time spin material! Love “A WAVE” has a nice dub & shuffle feel to it! ThanXXX
Atochi / Overdrive Musik  – downloaded. Atochi ( Overdrive Musik )
Dj Datch / Aremun.Com  – amazing
Mr. Paul / Beat Vision  – nice release.. thanks
Andrew Till / Machine  – nice album
Kali Modernphase / Como Las Grecas  – Its for me …. Ilove it this tracks…..
Gameboyz / Biologic, Clouded Vision, Electrique Records // Como Las Grecas  – nice album! thanks
Ron Costa / Potobolo / SCI+TEC / Octopus  – great package
Hermanez / Aella Music, Trapez LTD, Mobilee  – Very good album, thank you
Divi / DJ Mag Italy, Rolling Stone Italy, Movimento Clubbista  – Nice LP
Leri Ahel / Mutant Disco Radio Show aired on Piooner DJ Radio, Space RadioFM, MixpeopleFM, DinamoFM etc  – Great, loving all tracks thanks.
ELECTRIC RESCUE / skryptom, rex club, astropolis  – dope album thanks for the music
Mike Heron / BTE records, BTE podcast  – great album
MOTSRADIO.COM /  – Love it!
Tobia Coffa / Amam, Grey Area  – nice album! Cosmic translations is great! Thanks for the promo
Ondrej / KUMQUAT  – Epic tracks!
Mimetic / Electron Festival, Headfun  – it’s like reading a book! thx
Ricoshëi / Pampa Records / Kitsuné  – Nice one Ken!
Francys / Highway Records, Street Knowledge  – that’s really good, loving the mood and the concept
Alfa Romero (Prudo) / Alfa Romero Recordings, Freak n Chic  – thanks 4 the music ! Alfa Romero
Josh Garett / Subspec  – Cool, eclectic stuff.
Mauricio / DJ Mag LA – Thump CO – Medellinstyle  – Thanks!
Paride Saraceni / Trapez, Snatch, Agile Records  – very nice works!
Maurizio Pustianaz / Chain DLK  – interesting one. It’s nice when mixes deep techno and dark atmospheres
DEEPGOA / Mutiny on the Bounty  – nice one!
Central Rodeo / Ayeko Records  – Building Ships for us. Nice Ep!
Johann Erba / Couleur 3  – SUPEr LP
CEDO / MBS+C3K / Urgent FM  – Pass Through & A Wave!
Linos Viapascal / REPUBLIC 100.3fm, Ozon  – support!
Ivanoff / Danzeria  – Very interesting sound will definitely try.
F.E.M. / KMS Records / Brique Rouge / Neverending / Reload  – Touching Space is very cool :) tank you so much 😉
Mikael Jonasson / EXILE, Figure, Drumcode, MBR Ltd.  – really cool intro track!! thanks
Sebastian / f.a.r.e.s / Bass And Space  – nice trip, thanks!
Göran Meyer _ Live Act /  – great LP ! for me ” Nowhere Somewhere & Touching Space ” are best mixes 😉 hands up !
Matteo Pitton / Different Grooves, When We Dip  – didn’t expect to find many vocal tracks, the sound is smooth, thanks for sending!
Enzo Pietropaolo / Forbidden Behaviours, Roundqube Musik  – Considering a couple of tracks for DJ set, very good LP indeed.
HOURS / Mixmag DE, Lehmann Club Stuttgart, Agentur Lehmann  – Interisting stuff, considering for review.
Real Gone Kid / Decoded Magazine  – Fantastic
Salah Sadeq / Techfui / The Crate / Together With_  – always look forward to his stuff. thanks!
Altar / THEM, Container Records  – nice and dark moody atmosphere, enjoying this, will play Dark Outlines
deep of mind / Radycal  – nice sound!!!
G02 / NXT recordings, NXT Gravity  – Really nice, thanks !!
Servent / Downstream Records  – Nice album to listen to. Being You and Building Ships are the standouts for me.
Dubiks / Dubiks  – Full support,great album